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Yangyang von WayV - das erste Interview mit einem deutschen Medium

Interview im englischen Wortlaut : Was Yangyang von WayV seinen deutschen Fans zu sagen hat

Für viele deutsche Fans asiatischer Popmusik ist er der Größte: Yangyang, Mitglied der Band WayV, spricht viele Sprachen – unter anderem auch Deutsch. Das erste Interview mit einem deutschsprachigen Medium gab er RP Online. Wir dokumentieren den englischen Wortlaut.

Besonders die Düsseldorfer Fans freuen sich, dass mit Yangyang endlich ein C-Pop-Star existiert, der ihre Sprache spricht und ihre Stadt kennt. Für einen Artikel über das Phänomen Yangyang fragten wir sein Label nach einem Interview mit ihm. Schließlich beantwortete er eine Reihe von Fragen schriftlich auf Englisch. Unsere Fragen und seine Antworten dokumentieren wir hier auf Bitten seiner Fans noch einmal im Wortlaut.

WayVs debut has ignited fans all over the world – but especially the German fans are going crazy. Not only because of WayVs music and performances, but also because of your connection to Germany. What exactly is your connection?

Yangyang I lived in Germany for 6 years, so I basically spent my teenage years there. I moved to Germany with my mom and my sister when I was 11. I lived in Düsseldorf and attended International School am Rhein in Neuss with my sister, and to be honest, I really do miss my school days (laughs). I’m familiar with most of the places in Düsseldorf.

Do you still have friends or relatives living in Germany?

Yangyang Of course! However, due to my training schedule, I couldn’t really keep in touch with all of my friends in school, but thankfully, I still have some close friends there. Hopefully in the near future, I will have time to meet all my friends.

How often do you visit Germany?

Yangyang Before I debuted, I visited Germany almost twice a year, but due to my busy schedule now, I couldn’t visit Germany this year yet. I hope I can visit Germany again later this year. If you see me on the streets, please don’t hesitate to come and say, “Hi.”

How did you learn German?

Yangyang I learned German naturally, mostly through communication with my friends in school, but I also took individual German classes. I think my German’s not that bad (laughing), but I haven’t used it for a long time.

WayV is in many respects a new type of band. How would you describe WayVs special brand?

Yangyang WayV is a group of 7 members with an array of skills, charms, and visuals. Based on each member’s musical capabilities and strengths, we portray not only our team’s distinct color but also our unique vocal techniques and wide range of emotions. In addition to dance, ballad, and hip hop genres that already exist, we build on our own music and style, making our own new special brand and showing our amazing talents. However, this is just the beginning for us. We will continue to work hard and show and give our positive energy to a lot of people. Please look forward to our unique music and performances!

In Asia, pop music is taken very seriously and band members train vigorously, sometimes for years, before being chosen for a band and debuting. Many German music fans are not aware of this practice. Can you tell us how your career started and how you became a member of WayV?

Yangyang I auditioned for S.M. Entertainment’s “Global Audition” in February 2016 and started training that summer. After 3 years of training, I was able to debut as a member of WayV.

Where did you learn how to rap and perform? There are rumors on Twitter that you learned it as a street dancer in Germany.

Yangyang I was just a normal kid in school who loved rapping and dancing. Then, after I became a trainee, I began taking professional singing, dancing, and rapping lessons. I really loved doing all three, but I gradually developed interest in rapping the most.

What does a typical day look like for you? Do you have any free time? Or do you spend all your time with your bandmates? If you have free time, what do you do for fun? Do you have hobbies or interests?

Yangyang I usually love watching football and basketball games. I also love to play basketball; it’s my favorite sport.

On Twitter and other social media, your German fans have created a kind of own Yangyang subculture. For instance, they lovingly call you „Ehrenmann“ (honorable man) which was voted „Jugendwort des Jahres 2018“ (youth expression of 2018), „Brezelbruder“ (pretzel brother) and „Kaiser“ (emperor) (an allusion to your connection to Germany) and they frequently use the word „supportieren“ because you used it in a video where you spoke German. Some fans have also asked several supermarket chains to send you bottles of the German condiment Maggi. Are you aware of these things? What do you think about them?

Yangyang Of course! I’ve seen these comments a lot. They’re really funny and make me laugh so hard that my members always ask me what I’m laughing at. Supportieren actually came out of nowhere. I think it’s because I studied at an international school and I sometimes mix up English words with German words, but I now know it’s Unterstützung. Also, about the German condiment Maggi sauce, I wasn’t aware of it until you just told me. I really appreciate all the love and support they give me.

Will WayV come to Germany to perform? If so, when and where?

Yangyang Yes, we would absolutely love to have the opportunity to perform in Germany. Our dream is to eventually go on a world tour, meet all our fans, and show the whole world that we’re WayV.

How is WayVs new projekt Rainbow V coming along? What will be your part in it?

Yangyang Rainbow V is a project that allows us to showcase all our talents. We really put in all our efforts and have a lot of discussions to show various and unique contents to our fans. We’re so happy and thankful that our fans really love and enjoy our contents. I have a really good news for all our fans who showed so much love and support. We recently released our first mini album <Take Off>. We prepared for this album for a very long time, so we wish our fans are super excited as much as we are! Please look forward to our music and performances. Thank you!