Old towns in Germany The 21 most beautiful historic city centers in Germany

Düsseldorf · Germany is famous for its history – and also for its historic city centers. From Bamberg to Rothenburg: Germany’s old towns are always worth a visit. We picked out the 21 most beautiful spots for tourists to visit.

Germany's historic city centers– 21 "Altstädte" you should visit
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21 beautiful historic German city centers

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Europe has a lot to offer for tourists, from Barcelona to Rome, from Paris to London. However, not just the big metropolises are worth a visit. Germany is known especially for its old and picturesque city centers one can find all over the country. Medieval atmosphere, narrow little alleys, timbered houses and a whole lot of lovely landscapes – there is a lot to see for tourists both from Germany and all over the world. You want to discover Germany on your next trip? We picked out 21 suggestions which old towns – in German „Altstadt“ or „Altstädte“ (when speaking in plural) – to visit.

Medieval flair in Rothenburg and Bamberg

A walking tour through Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a lovely city in northern Bavaria, takes visitors time travelling. In-between narrow alleys and tiny old houses one can still feel the ancient vibe up until today. Medieval festivals such as the „Meisertrunk“ – happening every Pentecost weekend in May – are the ideal way to experience the unique flair of the village. Knights in traditional armor, jugglers and other extraordinary figures are promenading the streets, giving an impression of how it must have been in the olden days.

The City of Bamberg in upper Franconia/Bavaria is also known as the “Franconian Rome“ (“Fränkisches Rom“). Just like its italian namesake, Bamberg was also not built in one day, but has another special feature to offer: largely spared during Word War II, it has one of the most well-preserved medieval old city centers in all of Germany. The old town is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1993.

However, these are just two examples. You will find more picturesque old towns with impressive history to visit all over Germany. See our collection here.

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